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About the project

The Renewing Rural and Regional Teacher Education Curriculum (now known as RRRTEC) project has looked at what teacher education can do differently to better prepare teachers for rural and regional workforce needs.

This website has been created specifically to address this issue and to provide all teacher educators with the necessary resources to make more easily accessable, rural and regional teacher education research, curriculum resources and pedagogical strategies for their teacher education students.

The project team would like to specifically acknowledge the financial support of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) without whom this work would not have been possible.

This collaborative project extended over two years (2009-2011) and involved the co-operation of a number of universities, associations and teacher educators across Australia who all contributed their expertise in various ways. Recognition to those who have been involved is outlined in the project team tab. 

While the website is the culmination of the ALTC project, we do not wish this to be the final product. We ask those who visit this site to please participate in the ongoing research and scholarship work to improve rural and regional teacher education.

On the footer you will find a confidential evaluation survey. This data will enable the team to consider who might visit this site, how this site is used, the particular resources that are most valuable and easily adapted into university teaching and the functionality of the site. The website will thus remain interactive and improvements and adjustments can be made.

You are also invited to suggest new resources be they research or scholarly to add to the collection. To do this, email us using the contact us link in the footer. Our aim is to continue to build the repository and to also widen its scope to include more international contributions.