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How to use this site

This website has a number of components.


The resource collection has been created for those who wish to use the site to learn more about rural and regional education research and/or for those who wish to use the resources in the modules for their university classroom teaching.

If you click on the resource tab you will find a collection of resources that include a large number of rural and regional education research publications, case studies, DVDs, photos and a range of advice from principals, teachers and teacher educators about their experiences working in rural and regional locations. You will also find many stories of pre-service teachers who have been placed in rural and regional locations. You can access all of these resources by clicking directly on the resources tab and searching though the various categories. Please note: All resources provided have permission to be used directly from the publishers, authors or have been developed as part of the project.


Another way you can access the resources is through the modules tab. Here you will find five main themes and the accompanying modules. In each module there are suggested resources that have been designed to assist you in either developing a dedicated rural education unit of study or building on your current units by picking and choosing a module that you may wish to draw from and/or embed. You can choose to follow the modules sequentially or select from the list a module that suits your purpose.


Within the curriculum module titled professional experience you will find a series of suggested modes of learning designed to support pre-service teachers to successfully complete a rural practicum. The modes range from simulations to suggested speakers to an actual field experience. In this section you will find advice from teacher educators across Australia who have trialled a range of strategies to better prepare pre-service teachers for their rural and regional placements. Once again you can choose to use all the modes or select those that work best for your context.


The development of the RRRTEC website, modules, modes and resources has been underpinned by a conceptual framework. By clicking on the framework tab you will learn more about the research that has informed this work.