Teacher experience of rurality
Preparing for a rural career
Module 1: Understanding rurality
Module 2: Understanding place
Module 3: Understanding rural teacher identity
Module 4: Working with communities
Module 5: Getting to know rural students' lives
Module 6: Professional experience
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Module 7: Advice in getting a job

Site visits

A visit to a school provides a first-hand opportunity for pre-service teachers to gain insights into the structure, operations and resources of a school and a community that is different to their regular experience.

Small schools, central schools or providers of distance education may be unfamiliar to some students. For these students, exposure to a range of rural and regional schools will help to convey the complexity and diversity represented in non-metropolitan settings.

For students with experiences of various school types, visiting like schools may increase their awareness of the variations between schools.
Visits may be one-off experiences or partnerships may be established whereby pre-service teachers visit a school on a regular basis.

Teacher educators should explore possible funding support from education departments that could facilitate such programs.

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Photos from Alvie Primary School visit

Jo Russell talks about living in Birregurra and teaching at Forrest Primary School
Country Teaching DVD, Deakin University, Australia

What does a rural school look like (Alvie video)
Country Teaching DVD, Deakin University, Australia