Teacher experience of rurality
Preparing for a rural career
Module 1: Understanding rurality
Module 2: Understanding place
Module 3: Understanding rural teacher identity
Module 4: Working with communities
Module 5: Getting to know rural students' lives
Module 6: Professional experience
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Module 7: Advice in getting a job

Module 6: Professional Experience

Focus: Preparing for the cycle of a rural/regional professional experience


Pre-service teachers gain their greatest insights into teaching through authentic experiences. Whilst a practicum experience provides an effective way to develop an understanding of teaching and living in a rural or regional community, this is not always possible due to the scope of the subject being undertaken or to individual circumstances.

Teacher educators are therefore encouraged to select experiences that best suits their subject or practicum preparation requirements and that enable pre-service teachers to engage authentically with rural and regional schools and communities.

Prior to undertaking any of the rural or regional experiences (remote contact, site visits, field trips or practicum) pre-service teachers should undertake relevant preparatory activities in order to familiarise themselves with the place, the community and its school.

Below you will find a variety of modes from which to choose the most appropriate for your teaching context. You will also find advice and examples from fellow colleagues who have developed their own innovative approaches to preparing pre-service teachers for a rural/regional professional experience.




 Guest speakers


 Online communications


 Simulations and scenarios


 Site visits


 Field trips