Teacher experience of rurality
Preparing for a rural career
Module 1: Understanding rurality
Module 2: Understanding place
Module 3: Understanding rural teacher identity
Module 4: Working with communities
Module 5: Getting to know rural students' lives
Module 6: Professional experience
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Module 7: Advice in getting a job


Drawing from the RRRTEC model as described in the framework section, the curriculum writing team focused on five main themes to better prepare teachers for rural and regional contexts (experiencing rurality) and to help them be community ready, school ready and classroom ready. The fourth theme focuses on the professional experience component and the various modes that teacher educators can draw from in the before, during and after cycle of preparing pre-service teachers to take up a rural/regional practicum as well as advice for graduates in taking up a rural career.

Outlined below are the themes and accompanying modules and modes to consider.

1. Experiencing rurality
2. Community readiness
3. Whole school focus
4. Student learning and the classroom
5. Preparing for a rural career